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Pop Singer

Lola Rae

Lola Rae About Singer who rose to fame after she was singled out in the 2010 auditions for Britain’s Got Talent by Simon Cowell. She then went on to release singles like “Watch My Ting Go” and “High (Wanting More).” Other Informations She first began her career as a dancer for the street dance group …

Soccer Player

Tiago Carreira ️️️

Tiago Carreira ️️️ About Portuguese professional football player who is known for his work as a forward and centre-forward with the Real SC club as well as Torreense. He is also known for his career as a model and earned representation from the Ave Management agency.  Other Informations He first started his career in football …

Instagram Star

Monizze Malaspina

Monizze Malaspina About Instagram star who started the blog The Modern Mumma in 2014, which she uses an online diary. Other Informations One of her children dressed as the Hulk for Halloween 2017. She has served as an ambassador for Dyson vacuums. She has over 70,000 followers on her monizze_malaspina Instagram account. Her children are Ayden, Ivie, and …

TikTok Star

Harlo Gunn

Harlo Gunn About Model best known for her msharlogunn TikTok account. Her lip sync and comedy videos have earned her over 280,000 followers.  Other Informations She is a surgical technologist.  She has earned over 1.9 million likes on her TikTok account.  Her husband’s name is Dyllan.  She posted a TikTok duet with lunareclipseurbex in February 2020. 

Movie Actress

Sophie Thompson

Sophie Thompson About English film and television actress who became known to American audiences for her roles in the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral and the 1996 film Emma. Other Informations She began her career with a small recurring role in the TV series, A Traveler in Time. She has been nominated for …


Victoria Asher

Victoria Asher About Musician who played the keytar (a small keyboard mounted on a neck strap) for the pop band Cobra Starship. She also formed a Los Angeles band called Optimo and pursued a solo musical career. Other Informations At the age of eight, she performed with Neil Diamond on a Christmas album. She attended …

YouTube Star

Zoe Pre

Zoe Pre About YouTube comedian who has won more than 100,000 subscribers with her skits, reactions, challenges, collaborations with other Greek YouTubers and parodies of popular songs like Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish.” Other Informations She hails from Athens, Greece. Her August 2016 video with YouTubers MAYHEM and Tsach became her first to pass the 100,000 views mark.  …


Richard Henry Lee

Richard Henry Lee About A president of the Continental Congress, a signer of the Articles of Confederation, and the author of the Second Continental Congress’ famous Lee Resolution, this colonial statesman was one of the major voices in the American colonies’ fight for independence from Great Britain. Other Informations In the decade prior to the …

Instagram Star

Husna Zahry

Husna Zahry About Malaysian Instagram star who has gained fame thanks to posting pictures about her family, her lifestyle, her travels, and more. She works as a nurse.  Other Informations She began posting to Instagram in September 2012; She has 160,000 total followers on Instagram. She regularly posts photographs with her husband and their two sons.  …


Mario Aldecoa

Mario Aldecoa About Wildlife biologist and photographer who is known for documenting a wide range of different animals throughout Portugal, the Everglades, and other wildlife areas. He shares his photos through his personal website as well as his Instagram where he has over 50,000 followers.  Other Informations He first began sharing his photography to Instagram in …

TV Producer

Kobi Kihara

Kobi Kihara About Most well known as the producer of the NTV morning show AM Live. She also worked as a news anchor and studio producer for Kiss Radio Africa. Other Informations She studied photography at Newcastle University and went on to complete her master’s in film and TV production in Toronto. In 2006, she …

YouTube Star

Uncle John

Uncle John About YouTube prankster known for his hidden camera videos, he’s earned more than 100,000 subscribers posting videos like “The Cocky Homeless Man Prank” and “Squirting Fake Mustard on People.” Other Informations In February 2010, he opened his channel with the video “IN THE WAY AGAIN.” In addition to his pranks, he’s been known …