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Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur About Scientist who studied how germs spread infectious diseases and pioneered the process of vaccination. He founded the Pasteur Institute, a French foundation dedicated to the study of diseases and vaccines, in 1887. Other Informations He was a better artist than academic during his early years. Pasteurization, the process of heating food and …


Robert Charles Gallo

Robert Charles Gallo About Medical researcher who discovered that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) led to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Other Informations He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Providence College in 1959. He co-founded and became the director of the Institute of Human Virology (IHV) at the University of Maryland School …


Edwin D. Kilbourne

Edwin D. Kilbourne About Research scientist who made significant contributions to the study and prevention of influenza and other viral diseases. He was also a prolific writer who wrote about both science and non-science related topics. He published humorous verses and essays in magazines. Other Informations He attended Cornell University, where he received his MD. …