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Weibo Star

He Jiong

He Jiong About Television host, singer, actor, and Weibo star who is known for having earned over 98 million followers through the app. He is known for his hosting work on the program Happy Camp and is also the leading actor in Emperor Zheng De.  Other Informations His career first started in television in 1995 …

Weibo Star

Guo Degang

Guo Degang About Xiangsheng comedian and actor who is known for his work on the stage as well as in films and television. He is best recognized for his work on the films Revenge for Love in 2017 and Great Family 1912 in 2012. He is also known for having over 68 million followers on …

Weibo Star

Amy Cheung

Amy Cheung About Chinese writer who is known for both her fiction and essay pieces often focused on the themes of love and relationships. She is best recognized for her works For Love or Money and Women on the Breadfruit Tree as well as her Weibo presence where she has over 64 million followers.  Other …